Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to each visitor and/or user and/or client of westham.london

westham.london reserves the right to change these terms at any time without any notice.

The contents of westham.london are available to everyone for personal reference only and are not allowed to reproduce in any manner in whole or in part.
westham.london reserves the right to:

1. Add, edit, remove and/or redesign anything contained in or on it at any time; and

2. To revoke or limit access to westham.london at any time.


Email delivery:
westham.london uses the latest technology to deliver your email messages, but westham.london does not guarantee email delivery. Due to the filters and policies applied to the recipient email service may prevent successful email delivery. westham.london provide email filtering facility that filters spam, this does not scan viruses and you acknowledge the limitations of the filtering service may result in failure of stopping some unwanted emails or virus infected emails.


Service suspension:
westham.london may suspend email services without liability if: (i) westham.london believes that you violate the agreement; (ii) in case of an attack on the services; (iii) the use of services by third party without your knowledge.


Payment method:
Initial payment will be taken through the card. The renewal payments will be taken automatically through your bank direct debit. We can change our payment method at any time.


westham.london will renew your contract automatically and the payment will be automatically collected from the payment method specified. The payment method used by westham.london is specified under the “Payment method” section. If your renewal is failed, westham.london will suspend your service. The service will be activated on successful payment of £20 for reinstating the account and the balance payment for the services. The balance payment is from the date the invoice is not paid until the date your payment method is reinstated.


Anti-spam and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):
You are not allowed to send spam emails or send emails to the recipients without their consent.


Bulk emails:
You are not allowed to send bulk emails to mailing list. Email marketers are using third party services to send bulk emails. You can find one by consulting with your IT manager.


You can cancel this service at any time. To avoid renewal of service and auto collection of payment you need to submit a cancellation request via the Raise-A-Ticket section 3 days prior to the renewal of service.